For educators

for educators
By regularly including road safety teaching and learning opportunities for children, early childhood educators can meet some of the requirements of the National Quality Standard, especially around supervision, risk assessment, excursions and supporting children’s road safety learning.

Road safety education can also support many of the principles, practices and learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework, including enriching children’s learning, implementing play-based learning experiences, actively involving families and keeping up to date with legislation. The Educators’ Guide to the EYLF (PDF on external website) supports curriculum decision-making to extend and enrich children’s learning.

Children are at risk around traffic  (PDF 167kb) so adults must be responsible for their safety. By using the Kids and Traffic Key Road Safety Messages, adults can engage children in learning about how to be safe in the traffic environment without making them responsible for their own safety. Early childhood educators are ideally placed to share these messages with families for them to use when out and about with their children.

By coming along to our free Kids and Traffic professional development workshops, educators can explore lots of practical and fun road safety learning experiences and safe travel ideas to engage children and families. There are many ways that the Kids and Traffic team can support NSW children’s services (PDF 156kb). To make sure your service receives our Kids and Traffic resources and workshop invitations, please complete our NSW Children’s Services Update Form .

Check out our new road safety video-stories and visit our Kids and Traffic online shop to purchase resources to use with young children…

Another way to strengthen the link between early childhood education and care services and the home is by developing road safety policies and procedures (PDF 201kb), especially around safe arrivals and departures, safe excursions (PDF 699kb), safe travel and the use and maintenance of wheeled toys and bikes (PDF 142kb). Use our Kids and Traffic checklist (PDF 136kb) to help you develop or review your road safety education policy….and find out how easy it is to meet many of the requirements of the National Quality Standard (NQS).