For families

for families

When families are out and about, there are many ways to help keep young children safe in and around traffic. Families can share the Kids and Traffic Key Road Safety Messages with children to help them learn about how to keep safe without making them responsible for their own safety.

The Kids and Traffic Key Road Safety Messages for adults highlight the responsibilities of adults who care for young children as passengers, pedestrians or at play. You can also talk with them (PDF 162kb) about all the things you are doing to keep safe when you’re together in the traffic environment. You don’t even have to be out and about with young children to help them learn about road safety – use everyday opportunities such as reading, music, drawing and play to share your safe travel practices with them.

As you travel around together, children’s behaviour may be challenging – they may not want to hold your hand or be buckled up safely. So it’s helpful to understand why their behaviour can be unpredictable and how this puts them at risk (PDF 167kb) around traffic…and why adults must be responsible for the safety of the young children in their care.

Sadly, young children can also be at risk in the caring and familiar environment of their own home, especially in home driveways. When vehicles are – or could be – around, expect the unexpected with young children. Hold their hands or hold them close to keep them safe!

Before travelling on extended trips with young children, check out the suggestions made by the Kids and Traffic team to keep children busy (PDF 939kb) while also reducing driver distractions (PDF 213kb) and to keep them happy (PDF 188kb).

Check out the words to three Kids & Traffic Road Safety Songs or listen to them with your children. Watch the Kids and Traffic video, ‘This is the way I ride my bike’.