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Goodstart BHStorySymbol1Early Learning Centre, Blue Haven, is a 70 place long day care centre on the NSW Central Coast. The centre has strong ties with Blue Haven Public School, located across the road. The centre works closely with the school to maximise the safety of children and families. They especially focus on busy drop-off and pick-up times when the centre’s car park and surrounding streets are filled with vehicles and pedestrians. They also work closely to ensure safe and successful transitions to school for children and families.


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PartneringWithFamilies1Educators use hands-on displays to engage children and families in conversations around safe travel. This gives them the chance to find out more about the challenges individual families face at arrival and departure times. Armed with this information, educators can address specific road safety concerns- through their policies and procedures, via information and resources for families and by programming relevant experiences for children.

Respectful conversations with families also provide great opportunities for educators to emphasise developmental considerations, encourage Talking Traffic with Kids and explain why adults are always responsible for children’s safety (PDF 167kb) when walking, riding and travelling in vehicles.

  Why not set up a display at your service?SafetyInCarpark2

Include photos of children buckled up safely, using the ‘Safety Door’ when they enter or exit a vehicle and holding an adult’s hand.
If you’re taking photos of children buckled up in child car seats or booster seats check them against the Kids and Traffic Guidelines for using passenger safety photos to make sure every photo demonstrates safe practices.
The road safety songs, books and games you use with children can also be great tools to engage families in your display. Contact us for an order form for free resources that can be shared with both children and families.


Goodstart Blue Haven’s director, Vicki makes sure a Kids and Traffic ‘Hold My Hand’ gate sign is always on display for families when they’re walking out to the car park.

Educators identified the centre’s car park as an area of concern. Young children are difficult for drivers to see and are often unaware of the dangers of moving vehicles so they’re at risk of being run over in car parks and driveways.
Educators regularly focus on the importance of adults always holding children’s hands or holding them close to keep them safe in driveways and car parks.

Taking photos of adults and children holding hands at departure times gave educators the perfect chance to remind adults to hold children’s hands just as they were heading out into the car park. These photos were used to make their own road safety storybooks and posters.

 Contact us to order a ‘Hold My Hand’ gate sign.


Educators clearly recognised their duty of care to children and families at arrival and departure times. To further focus on this important road safety issue they used the toddler sized statues in the Kids and Traffic Driveway Safety Display Kit to highlight how difficult it is for drivers to see children behind vehicles.

Contact us to talk about using the Kids and Traffic Driveway Safety Display Kit to highlight car park and driveway safety in your local community.


Educators and families came together for a Kids and Traffic ‘Out and About: Safe Journeys with Kids’ workshop. This gave them the chance to extend their discussion to keeping young children safe whenever they are out and about – as pedestrians, passengers and at play. The educators at Goodstart Blue Haven take great pride in their relationships with families and their community. Hosting the workshop demonstrated their ongoing commitment to child road safety in their community.

Why not host a free ‘Out and About: Safe Journeys with Kids’ workshop for families in your community. Contact us  for more information.

During the workshop educators talked with families about the centre’s safe arrival and departure policy. Families expressed concerns about some drop-off and pick-up practices.

Families and educators then worked together to refine strategies for improving safety. EducaPoster2tors and families agreed that more visual reminders of safe practices would be helpful.

Educators developed ‘How we arrive and depart safely’ posters using photos of children at the centre. This engaged families and encouraged further attention on important road safety messages.

Safe arrival and departure posters can be used to address many of the safety issues that arise at these busy times of the day. Include messages for families about the importance of hand-holding’, using the ‘Safety Door’, buckling up safely (PDF 222kb) and never leaving children alone in cars.



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Kids and Traffic consultant, Linda, worked with educators to develop a community specific ‘Hold myHand’ book. In collaboration with Blue Haven Public School, Goodstart’s Regional Officer and the local Aboriginal Community Support Officer they created a road safety education Hold My Hand book relevant to their children and families.

The story focuses on pedestrian safety messages and explores all the grown-ups children hold hands with when out walking…

“A grown-up could be your mum, dad, grandma, granddad, uncle, aunty, neighbour or teacher”.


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Why not make your own ‘Hold my Hand’ book? Use Goodstart Blue Haven’s book as inspiration.


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