Info sheets

1. Grandparents and Grandchildren out and about together safely (PDF 305kb)
2. Key Road Safety Messages for Early Childhood and Primary Schools (PDF 100kb)
3. Why young children are at risk around traffic – Child development and road safety (PDF 167kb)
4. Kids and Traffic Key Road Safety Messages for Adults to Share with Children (PDF 174kb)
5. Kids and Traffic Key Road Safety Messages for all the adults in a child’s life (PDF 965kb)
6. Transport for NSW Traffic Injury Statistics 2015- 2017 (PDF 468kb)
7. Kids & Traffic Road Safety Songs (PDF 252kb)
8. Helmet Wearing (PDF 154kb)
9. Choose right buckle right to help keep your child safe in the car (PDF 149kb)
10. Kids and Traffic Key Passenger Safety Messages (PDF 1485kb)
11. Safe and Happy Travelling for families (PDF 132kb)
12. Happy kids in cars: activity ideas (PDF 182kb)
13. Kids and Traffic ‘Travel safely’ cards (PDF 491kb)
14. Keep your children busy (PDF 939kb)
15. Road safety and excursion guidelines (PDF 1Mb)
16. Transporting children in buses (PDF 174kb)
17. Who can help ensure children with additional needs travel safely (PDF 583kb)
18. Never leave children alone in vehicles (PDF 137kb)
19. Kids and Traffic Key Pedestrian Safety Messages (PDF 190kb)
20. Talking Traffic with Kids (PDF 162kb)
21. Hold my hand and keep me safe (PDF 173kb)
22. Kids and Traffic Key Safe Play Messages (PDF 156kb)
23The Kids and Traffic Driveway Safety Display Kit (PDF 245kb)
24. Driveway Safety (PDF 144kb)
25. Why was the Kids and Traffic Driveway Safety Display Kit developed? (PDF 375kb)
26. Driveway Safety Poster: It only takes a second… (PDF 251kb)
27. Driveway Safety Poster: Cars about… (PDF 239kb)
28. Family Resources Flyer (PDF 1086kb)
29. A whole of service approach to road safety education (PDF 372kb)
30. Partnering with families around road safety (PDF 400kb)
31. Guidelines for using passenger safety photos (PDF 399kb)