Pedestrian Safety

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Sharing the Kids and Traffic pedestrian safety messages (PDF 194kb) with young children is a great way to help children learn about being a safe pedestrian without making them responsible for their own safety. Nearly one in five children aged 0-4 years killed or injured in traffic-related crashes (PDF 253kb) are pedestrians.

Holding hands, walking and talking with young children is an ideal way to help children start to learn how to keep safe in and around traffic. We call this ‘commentary walking’ or ‘Talking Traffic with Kids’.

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Sometimes children’s behaviour can be a challenge (PDF 167kb) for families. Perhaps what’s important to them is different from what’s important to you. They may focus on something interesting – a flower, a snail, other children – rather than traffic. Young children are also fast and small and can put themselves at risk very easily. Whenever cars could be about, adults need to hold their hands or hold them close (PDF 173kb) to protect them from the unexpected.


Watch the Kids and Traffic videos ‘Here we go walking holding hands’ and ‘Five little piggies’ with children. Why not come along to Kids and Traffic workshops for more learning and teaching ideas using these and other road safety songs! Kids and Traffic also worked with the City of Sydney to produce ‘Hold My Hand‘ posters in 14 community languages.  Why not share the link with families?