Safe Play

Young children love to play outdoors – and play is their way of learning about the world. But adults are busy and life is full-on for families. So, while fences may seem to provide safe play spaces for children, if cars can also access those spaces – especially driveways – these can never be safe places to play.

When cars are around, young children can be at risk while playing on their bikes or wheeled toys. They may have the balance and coordination needed to ride or cycle but they are still developing the skills and knowledge (PDF 167kb) needed to keep them safe. To protect children from head injury, it’s important for families to choose the correct helmet and to ensure it’s always properly fitted (PDF 154kb).

Watch the Kids and Traffic video ‘This is the way I ride my bike’ with children. Why not come along to Kids and Traffic workshops for more learning and teaching ideas using these songs!

Sharing the Kids and Traffic safe play messages (PDF 132kb) with young children can help all the adults in children’s lives keep them safe.